Dog Visits


Adult Visits

This service is designed for elderly or unwell dogs. We know that even if your dog is unwell you still need to go to work and this is where we step in; each adult visit is 30 minutes long and consists of a toilet break in the garden or short walk dependant on your pet’s requirements and cuddles at home. We can arrange to do more than one visit if you require to break up longer days.

Price is £10 per visit.

Puppy visits

Puppy visits break up your young dog’s days by us coming in for 30 minutes. Each home visit consists of us letting your pup out in the garden for a toilet break, checking their water and feeding if required, cleaning up any accidents and lots of play times and cuddles. When your puppy is old enough and fully vaccinated we can start short walks from your home to help with socialisation and familiarisation with their surroundings.

Price is £10 per visit.